Whether your engine is brand new or has had a long service life, contaminants like metal shavings, rust, mineral deposits and casting sand can diminish the heat capacity of your Jeep’s cooling system. Over time, these dangerous deposits can cause damage to your water pump bearings and small passages. The CNC machined billet 6061 aluminum anodized construction filter block attaches to a supplied bracket that mounts to factory holes. No drilling is required. This kit includes all of the fittings needed for installation. The filter unscrews quickly, making replacement quick and simple. We recommend replacement of the first filter at 500 miles and replacement of the second and third filters at 3,000 miles each. After three changes, filter replacements can be replaced once a year. The silicone hose fittings come pre-assembled to ensure pure, leak-proof connections. These connections are factory tested at twice the recommended radiator cap pressure to provide unsurpassed reliability.

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High quality filtration in well-designed kit

Jay Westfall on Oct 27th 2021

Well-designed kit and cheaper than the others! Although I had to clock the bracket down to clear my aftermarket air intake tube, this was expected and the work was minimal. The kit still remains mostly unseen, and the shutoffs and bypass design are reassuring. Also, I really dig the hat!

coolant filter

Leon on Sep 4th 2020

Package was shipped great and this product is awsome